YOUR CONSULTANT IS Chauncey Anderson

Head + heart

It takes a purposeful blend of art and science to compose our world-class fragrances. It’s no coincidence that a fragrance’s heart notes express its truest character.

The Scent Pyramid

Top Notes

The first notes you perceive, and the first ones to dissipate.

Mid (Heart) Notes

These notes last longer and make a bigger impression.

Base Notes

Lasting notes that ground a fragrance and add balance.




Our classic wickless candle, the Scentsy Bar, delivers a simple, worry-free fragrance experience without flame, smoke or soot. It’s warmed by the heat of a low-watt lightbulb or heating element in an authentic Scentsy Warmer.

We love people

Our products:
  • Do not contain harmful VOCs or formaldehyde.

  • Only contain ingredients approved by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

  • Are created with safe natural and synthetic ingredients to offer the widest range of scents.

Go all-natural

Scentsy oils are derived from the finest natural ingredients around the globe, offering a pure and customizable fragrance experience when used with the Scentsy Diffuser.

Made in Idaho, withlove

We design scents that connect us with our memories, our emotions and each other.

We manufacture all of our wax products at our campus in Meridian, Idaho.

Heidi and Orville Thompson launched Scentsy in 2004 to bring value to the world.

What began as a homegrown process to create safer home fragrance is now a global initiative.

Our Consultants share the power of Scentsy fragrance in 11 countries.

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